Welcome to my Portfolio

Welcome to my Portfolio, on here you will find my résumé as well as examples of my work.


My name is Luis Garvic I'm based in Kansas City. In April 2018 I will graduate from Centriq Training's Development / Coding boot camp. I have a lot of life experience, especially in the medical field. I've been a pharmacy technician and a paramedic, which have helped me understand how technology is used in medicine. I also have sales experience as well as being a Co-owner / operator of a General Contracting Company, which has taught me how to communicate clearly and effectively with people. I have knowledge of the processes behind C#, .NET, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery. I am currently looking for a growth position as a developer, which would allow me to further develop my programming skills and contribute with a leading technology company. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can be an asset to you and your company.

Career Goals

My career goals are to find a long term position in a leading edge technology company.