G.S.C. Home Improvements, Kansas City, KS – General Construction July 2004 – March 2017

  • Co-owner and operator.
  • Responsible for renovating and remodeling homes.
  • Exceptional self-starter, his dedication to his employees and all customers is beyond compare.
  • Responsible for removing and installing flooring, framing, drywall, concrete and repairing/installing electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
  • Through his diligent efforts he was able to complete all projects prior to deadlines and expectations surpassing customer expectations.

Vestcom, New Century, KS – Maintenance Mechanic, Machinist August 2010-November 2013

  • Repaired and maintained fifty printing presses and associated equipment, worth over 35 million dollars.
  • Maintained and serviced all other mechanical repair equipment throughout warehouse and offices.
  • Assured optimal performance for all equipment, allowing said equipment to print over fifteen million feet per week.
  • Engineering and optimizing efforts for contracts over 200 million a year.
  • Optimized maintenance schedules gaining 10 percent increase in output per year.
  • Through diligent maintenance efforts over 3,000 satisfied customers per year.
  • Required little to no supervision or re-work, completed all task on time or earlier than required.
  • All customers and co-workers were pleased above and beyond; his customer service and work ethic is a model to be followed.

Ford Storage, Kansas City, Ks –Delivery Driver/Loader July 2008 – August 2010

  • Delivered furniture and appliances to customer’s home safely and responsibly.
  • Planned orders to ensure productivity and allow customers to be within delivery window never being late or behind in two years that he worked. Also ensuring that over two thousand deliveries were on time.
  • Delivered over 2.6 million dollars in inventory over his career with Ford moving with no negative customer feedback.

Luxottica Sunglass Hut Overland Park, Ks –Sales Leader December 2006 – January 2008

  • Met and exceeded all sales goals no mater how high they were, surpassing all employees company wide.
  • Dedicated to customer satisfaction and strived to up-sell all customer he worked with.
  • Team players continued striving to meet store goals long after he had met his own set goals.
  • Won Regional and National sales employee in 2007 and 2008, won the completion for national sales in Hawaii.

CVS/Osco, Overland Park, Ks – Pharmaceutical Technician July 2004 – July 2008

  • Filled prescriptions from walk-ins and doctors orders accounting for a major percent of pharmaceutical orders placed with this CVS.
  • Kept meticulous records of prescriptions filled to ensure that every customer is treated well no matter the situation.
  • Understood and worked with all prescription insurance providers to allow customers to receive prescriptions timely.
  • Working closely with all insurance providers to enable customers to stay on track and consume all medications prescribed.
  • Instructed customers through the process of Medicare and prescription insurance teaching and informing them of all prescriptions.

Graphic Technology Incorporated, New Century, Ks – Maintenance and Machine Operator January 2003 – June 2005

  • Operated and maintained- Preco, Shrink Wrap and Attatcher machines worth over 10 million dollars.
  • Provided maintenance in warehouse and offices increasing productivity over the four years he was employed.
  • Diligent efforts ensuring that all required and contracted jobs were completed early, which reflected greatly upon him and the company and customers that he supported.
  • His dedication and commitment to work late to ensure that downtime was minimized to an acceptable level.


Centriq training December 2017

  • Full Stack Web Developement Program

Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS May2013

  • Metal Fabrication and structural reinforcement.

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX March 2010

  • EMT Paramedic training

Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS May 2003

  • Pre-pharmacy Associates Degree